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It could cost your company up to 200% of an individual's salary to replace them.

Our services are designed to help you engage, develop and retain female employees.

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Unless you're one of the few companies teaching women to actively identify and ask for opportunities to increase their employee experience, you are probably losing more women than you should be.

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Companies in the top quartile for diversity are 25% more likely to outperform their sector (McKinsey)


40% of women are considering leaving their current role  (McKinsey)


It could cost your company up to 200% of an individual's salary to replace them (Forbes)


Unfortunately, women have been primed from a young age NOT to ask for what they want. As their employer, this puts you in a tricky position because you can't read minds. Unless you teach female employees to ask in a way that is authentic to them, many of them will  leave without ever giving you the chance to keep them. Not teaching your women to advocate for themselves could be costing  you a great deal.

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What People Are Saying

I was unhappy with my professional situation, but not sure how to change it. Kathryn gave me the confidence - and specific strategies- I needed to craft a role I love. 



Being empowered to identify and ask for what I need was intimidating but ultimately a win-win. The items I asked for have made me more effective in and excited by my work, keeping me at the company even longer than I anticipated.



Within in a week, I was 10x happier in my role.



This 1-month facilitator-led training is comprised of an online course, field work and a small group session to educate managers on the gender bias that exists in the workplace and  equip them to support and retain their female employees.

Leadership COHORT

Worthmore founder, Kathryn Valentine, will take employee engagement to the next level in this one-hour, interactive keynote that empowers women to take charge of their careers by identifying and asking for what they need to thrive.

a variety of solutions, customized to fit your workforce

 Empower hour

When we work with our clients, we always start with a diagnostic. This allows us to customize our offerings to address the specific issues holding your female employees back.

Our premier offering, this 3-month facilitator-led training is comprised of assessments, coursework, field work, and small group sessions that equip your females employees to ask for what they need to be engaged and successful at work.


Replacing a female employee can cost twice as much as keeping them.

Let's improve their experience instead.

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