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Diverse companies outperform their competition.

It's expensive to replace employees.

But women continue to leave in droves, most without ever asking for what they need to stay.

We have the solution.

 You Want to Retain Women

This information caused me to think about what I want, and then ask for it.  I am now an SVP and have never been more engaged in my work - Jen


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Unless you're one of the few companies teaching your women to actively identify and ask for opportunities to increase their engagement, you are probably losing more women than you should be.  Unfortunately, women have been primed from a young age NOT to ask for what they want. As their employer, this puts you in a tricky position because you can't read minds.  Unless you teach your women how to ask in a way that is authentic to them, many of them will probably leave without ever giving you the chance to keep them.   Not teaching your women to advocate for themselves could be costing  you a great deal.

Companies in the top quartile for diversity are 25% more likely to outperform their sector (McKinsey)

40% of women are
considering leaving
their current role

It could cost your company up to 200% of an individual's salary to replace them (Forbes)




do you know what you're giving up?

Are you ready to retain more WOMEN?


Enter a life-changing professor who not only taught me how to negotiate, but also how to do it authentically. She taught me a well-crafted negotiation can strengthen relationships and leave both parties better off. I became obsessed, reading everything I could get my hands on. 

And then I realized the flaw...Negotiating like a man doesn’t work.

The art of negotiating was being taught as if it were gender-neutral, but it isn’t. There are certain tactics a man can use that, if a woman tries, will result in worse outcomes, and may even cause backlash against her.

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to avoid this and craft a career you love, if someone just shows you how.

It's taken me over a thousand hours of research to develop my approach to gendered advocacy.  The foundations are in research about negotiating as a woman; this research is then applied to equip women to identify and ask for opportunities that drive engagement and job satisfaction, dramatically increasing their retention.  

My key message: Ask before you go.

My fear used to hold me back.

At 25, I walked into my annual review.  I'd had a GREAT year, but when I thought about asking for a promotion, I froze.  How do I ask? What if my boss says no? What if my boss ends up not liking me? 

A few years later, I headed off to get my MBA, where I was shocked to learn how many of my male classmates had been asking for raises, promotions, perks and top assignments. They were constantly crafting a role they were excited about.  I had been missing out. 

Kathryn Valentine
Founder, Worthmore

Our three-part training series teaches women how to advocate for themselves in the workplace. Our content is research-backed and we incorporate real-life examples for inspiration.

Negotiation TRAINING For Women

Our premier offering is a year-long program for your high-potential women.  Content is centered around building the skills needed to identify what will increase her job satisfaction, and how to ask for those things.

a variety of solutions, customized to fit your workforce


When we work with our clients, we always start with a diagnostic. This allows us to customize our offerings to address the specific issues holding your female employees back.

Learning these skills gave me the confidence to ask for a big promotion. I felt prepared, and most importantly believed in myself, and got the new title!  I'm now two years in, and our work is getting global recognition.



Being empowered to identify and ask for what I need was intimidating but ultimately a win-win.  The items I asked for have made me more effective in and excited by my work, keeping me at the company even longer than I anticipated.



Kathryn is incredible! She gave me the self-confidence boost I needed to negotiate a role I am thrilled about, and I love what I get to do every day.



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Replacing a female employee can cost twice as much as keeping them.  Let's increase their engagement instead.