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We know that men earn 25% more than women for equitable work. A less famous fact is that 8 times more men are negotiating than women. What if all women negotiated for fair pay? We could narrow the wage gap while making big strides in the individual lives of our clients (that’s you!).

Worthmore is a research-based company focused on creating effective negotiation strategies for women, training women to use these strategies, and supporting them during the big negotiations of their career.

Kathryn Valentine, Founder

Closing the gender gap, one woman at a time


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Princeton, Kellogg MBA/MEM, Deloitte Consulting

Kate Holman, Head of Strategy

University of Virginia, Kellogg MBA, McKinsey & Co

We do not believe in a gender-neutral approach to negotiations. Research shows women cannot use the same negotiation strategies as men, and we have felt this when trying to implement aggressive tactics. We are dedicated to researching and teaching negotiation strategies that are effective and authentically feminine.



We believe every woman deserves to be paid according the market value of her work. We have a positive lens on the world as we train women to achieve superior negotiation outcomes. We are encouraging and supportive - like every girls’ best friend.


We understand that women are busy. We are committed to providing quick, self-serve ways to improve your negotiation outcomes. We have built our business around digital downloads that can be accessed and utilized immediately – no waiting required.

the power of research

Your career is too important to be messed with. What we teach here is not our opinion, these are facts. Our approaches are heavily based in research, and scientifically shown to improve outcomes for women.

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At 25, I walked into my annual review. I'd had a GREAT year - my initiatives added over a million dollars in revenue - but when I thought about asking for a promotion, I froze. How do I ask? What if she says no? What if she ends up not liking me?  So I did nothing, and missed a great opportunity.  

A few years later, I headed off to get my MBA, where I was shocked to learn most of male classmates had been negotiating for raises, promotions, perks and top assignments. To them, negotiating was part of the job, and they used this skill to get ahead. On the other hand, my fear back been holding me back.

Enter a life-changing professor who not only taught me how to negotiate, but also how to do it authentically. She taught me a well-crafted negotiation can strengthen relationships and increase your share of the pie. It can lead to better benefits, higher job satisfaction and more support - all things that drive job performance. I became obsessed, reading everything I could get my hands on, until I realized the flaw: the art of negotiating was being taught as if it were gender-neutral, but it isn’t. There are certain tactics a man can use that will statistically result in worse outcomes for a woman. I believe women intuitively know this, which is why we often feel uncomfortable about, or even scared, of negotiating.

"my fear was holding back my career." 



— Kathryn

Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this and negotiate in a way that is relationship-building, if someone just shows you how.

I've spent thousands of hours developing this approach and have applied it hundreds of times to vastly improve my own situation. I successfully negotiated a 33 percent salary increase in one week, purchased the home of my dreams for 15% less than the asking price, and bought my car for 20% off the listed value. Last year, someone offered me $1,000 for a (very small) piece of property I owned, and I didn’t agree to sell it to them until they had deposited $200,000 into my bank account. That’s when I realized the process I created works and it was time to share it with others.

This is for my mother, who found out she left over a million dollars on the table throughout her career. It is for my friends, a phenomenal group of women who deserve to be paid on par with their male counterparts. And it is for you: a badass lady who has earned a raise, new title, and better bonus.

Are you ready to change your life?