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"my fear was holding back my career." 

Women's Leadership Cohort

Our Premier offering

A 3-month training that equips your employees to ask for what they need to thrive at work. This course includes a pre-assessment, kick-off presentation, online modules, field work, small group sessions and a post-assessment. It also includes optional one-on-coaching and a fireside chat with the organization's executive sponsor. In addition to all programming, the company will receive an insights report, showing what your specific flight risk is and why, and an impact report, showing the financial gains made from the program. This offering is built for women at the pinch point, which is the level at which you see the highest attrition. It consistently delivers higher employee satisfaction and reduced flight risk.

Empower Hour

An introduction

A 60-minute keynote by our founder, Kathryn Valentine. She will inspire your employees to take control of their career, becoming happier, less stressed, and more engaged. Her approach will educate employees on the benefits of asking for what they need. She will also outline the barriers that can hold women back and share her research-based solution that enables women to advocate for themselves without risking backlash. The presentation will be 40 minutes in duration, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. It can be done virtual or in-person and is suited for women one year into the workforce to VP.

Manager's Training

A month-long facilitated program to educate managers on the gender bias that exists in negotiation and train them to have productive, collaborative discussions with their female team members that will uncover hidden value for both parties AND for the company. This program includes a pre-assessment, presentation, field work, facilitated workshop in groups of ~10 and post-assessment. It is built for managers who want to increase their impact and prevent attrition.

educating both sides of the table

EACH OF OUR OFFERINGS IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU attract, DEVELOP and retain high-performing women

"Using the framework Kathryn provided, I approached my boss to discuss my current role. He immediately address my biggest pain point, and I went from disappointed to fully engaged again. I wish I had talked with him sooner."

- Sarah, Financial Services

"I'm grateful I was able to participate in this amazing program, and for the investment my company is making in us. It shows how much they value their female employees."

- Taylor, Technology

"This information caused me to think about what I want, and then ask for it. I am now an SVP and have never been more engaged in my work"

- Jen, Consumer Products